AWS Lightsail Node JS instances come pre-configured with Node already installed on the machine. That means you can easily transfer over a Node application and run npm install to have your app up and running quickly. There are however some configuration steps required for getting the express server to run on Apache. One option is […]

In this post we will cover how to transfer a Google domain to AWS Route 53. If you are already using AWS services Route 53 integrates well with products such as Cloudfront and Lightsail. If you prefer to use the AWS documentation you can use this guide: The first step in this process is […]

In this post we will cover how to transfer an AWS Route 53 Domain to Google Domains. The first step is to navigate to: Click on ‘Registered Domains’ in the left sidebar and select the domain you are transferring:     You need to disable the transfer lock. You will receive an email once […]