Google AdWords New Campaign

How to Set Up a Google AdWords Campaign

In this post I will discuss how to set up an Ad Words campaign that will maximize your return on investment. AdWords is what Google calls it’s online search advertising platform.

As of June 2021 Google has a 92.5% market share of all search engines. To put it simply, they dominate the market on search, which is what all people use to find services online. If you’re going to advertise, Google is a good place to start.


When you or I perform a search on Google we are provided with a search results page. On it is a list of different websites that can be accessed by clicking on a link. These pages have both organic search results and paid search results. The paid search results are placed on top.

The organic search results are considered by many the best way to rank on Google. There are a number of different things you can do to your website to improve your rankings. Many of those topics will be covered in our future post on SEO.

It can however take a considerable amount of time to rank organically high for different keywords. A year or more to rank in the top 10 for a competitive keyword is not uncommon. In contrast, Google Ads are immediate and you can start to see results very quickly.


First let’s cover creating an account. If you do a search for ‘Google PPC’ the first result should be the main Google Adwords website. I’ve also provided a link below:

You’ll need a google account to start using their AdWords services. If you don’t already have one you can sign up for one here:

Now that you have your google account you can start following the AdWords prompts for getting started. You will eventually be taken to a screen that looks like this:

Google AdWords New Campaign

This is the main screen for setting up a new campaign.

Generally speaking you can start by selecting ‘website traffic’ as your main objective. For campaign type, you can start by selecting ‘Search’. Enter your business website and then select continue.

Next you will begin the 4 main steps of building your campaign. The screen should look something like this:

Google AdWords New Campaign Steps

You can leave the default campaign name or change it if you’d like. I recommend selecting both ‘Search Network’ and ‘Display Network’ as your ads can appear in more places sometimes at a much lower price.

Select your location and language and then set a daily ad budget. Google is currently offering a $500 promotional offer that you will definitely want to take advantage of. To qualify for the offer you need to spend $500 within your first 60 days.

Setting a daily ad budget of at least $10 will cover the requirements. However you still need to apply the discount. To do so, you can click the following link:

Then select the ‘To help you get started with Google Ads, we’ll give you $500 in free ad credit when you spend $500.’ Link. Take a minute to read over the terms and conditions then click the ‘Claim this offer’ button and select the ads account you want it applied to. If you’re just getting started there should only be one.

After entering your daily budget you may want to set a maximum cost per click bid limit. At the bottom of the screen you will find ad extensions. These are ways of adding additional details to your ads that may increase your conversion rate. They do not cost anything extra. You can read more about extensions here:

Once you hit save and continue you will be taken to step 2.

On the next page begin by entering an ad group name.

Next is entering keywords for your ad. This determines what search phrases your ad will show up for. If you don’t already have your keywords, you can use a tool to find them. Google offers their own free tool which you can find here:

There are also various paid SEO tools you can use. If you open the google keyword planner and select ‘Discover new keywords’ you can start entering words that you think are related to your business or services. After clicking ‘Get results’ you will be taken to a screen that looks like this:

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

This page provides you with the keywords you entered as well as keyword ideas. For each keyword you can see the average monthly searches, competition level and what it will cost you to rank at the top of the page.

To get a quick idea of the competition level for a keyword you can do a search for it on google. Take a look at what companies are currently at the top of the page for the ad results.

After collecting your keywords you’re ready to return back to the Google AdWords set up page we were working on before. Enter your keywords into the ad group. You can also create multiple ad groups with different keywords if you’d like.

Hit ‘Save and continue’ to move on to step 3.

On this page we will create the actual ad used in our campaign. You can see the current ad strength of your campaign. This is most likely ‘poor’ to start. You can improve the quality of the ad by adding more headlines, including popular keywords in your headlines and changing your descriptions as well.

Google AdWords Step 3

Keep in mind that the headlines you add will be rotated when your ad displays. Different users may see different headlines. Google will determine what headlines are performing best for your ad and will use these accordingly.

Your descriptions will appear beneath your headlines in the ad copy. The descriptions will be rotated as well.

Once you are satisfied with your ad copy you can hit ‘Save and continue’ to move onto step 4. You can always change your ad copy later as well from the google AdWords dashboard.

The final step to getting your ad live is to add your billing information. On this page you will also want to check and see if your ad credit for $500 is being applied (keep in mind that Google changes their promotional offers and this may or may not still be an active promotion when you are reading this article).

One you hit ‘Submit’ your ad should be live. You can monitor the status of your ad and turn it off or on from the Google AdWords dashboard. You’ll be able to see things like the number of times your ad has appeared and the number of clicks it is getting.

For more help with setting up or monitoring your ad please feel free to reach out to the Picnic Productions team by giving us a call (916-399-3635) or using our contact form.