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Established in 2014

Beginning as a podcasting hub for lots of local and regional entertainers, as well as the first branded podcast by a major cannabis conglomerate, OHM Solutions grew until it became something more focused. After 5 years, more and more corporate clients and friends realized the value of digital growth and content marketing. This led us to focus on quality over quantity, and specialize our services.

A Sacrafice for the both of us

As much as we wish we could take on each and every client/project, we have to be more discerning than ever. This discernment, although initially tough on a growing company, has grown to benefit us in unimaginable ways. Making us fortunate enough to only work on projects we align with entirely. If our visions and passion aren’t on the same level, then the final product will suffer. 

Telling our story

It has been a long time coming. For us, and for those that are reading this. The same mantra applies to us equally. Neither of us got here easily. And both of us want the best from everything that we touch, encounter, and dream up. That is the birth of PICNIC, and the beginning of many more exciting projects.

Jehan Zohrab

Jehan Zohrab

Owner / Director
As the owner and director at Picnic, I strive to bring my love for cinema into each and every project we are a part of. The mantra of PICNIC is that 'everyone eats'. For most video/photo professionals, we are never paid what we fully deserve. This guiding mantra means that we strive to pay our photographers and production staff more than the industry standard. They get a percentage of what the project's budget provides. Last but not least, the best movie ever made is 'Tree of Life' by Terrence Malick. A very distant second is 'There Will Be Blood'. The best Tv show is "Deadwood". With a tie at 2nd between "Dark"/"Hannibal"/"Station Eleven"/"Sopranos"/"True Detective".

Thank you

Turn up the volume

We tend to take things to the extreme. From bringing in top tier talent, 12k cameras, or Cinelift FPV drones (with cinema cameras atatched), we are always pushing the envelope. Some of our best digital designers and web developers also have a storied history with a remarkable resume of companies they have worked for. And we all combine to make Picnic, a production and branding company that can meet and exceed your every expectation.