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Picnic Productions provides digital marketing services in a variety of forms including advertising with Google PPC, Youtube, and Instagram. We also provide SEO, social media marketing and content creation.

Social Media Marketing 2022

Below we highlight some things that go into a successful digital marketing campaign.

Each package includes at least 5 hours of website optimization and UX improvement. We include this to ensure that each marketing campaign has a suitable funnel to guide traffic through. We monitor your website traffic on a 24/7 basis while running regular audits to ensure that your website content is structured semantically for maximum results on Google and other search engines.

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As with any sound digital marketing strategy, ours begins with adequate due diligence such as keyword research, and digital footprint analysis. We want to know if you’re already targeting the correct keywords and if so what kind of content you are using in your posts. We have a suite of proprietary testings tools we use to monitor your digital presence. Our end goal is your companies growth through well positioned mediums.

We place a great deal of focus on effective advertising spend with each of our digital marketing packages. We determine the right outlets for your target audience and build content that will attract attention and clicks. Advertising channels include Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube and Yelp. We employ software tools to protect your campaigns from fake clicks so that you get the most out of your budget.

Each of our packages includes at least 5 hours of strategy consultation. During this time we provide feedback on your current digital presence as well as a comprehensive plan for new and sustainable growth.

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At Picnic we’re transparent about our pricing and what’s included. We are focused on giving you the best value for your budget while establishing a foundation for your continued success. We offer a wide array of services and packages beyond what is listed below, but this will help give you a good starting point of what we can do together.


+ 250 followers / + 500 website visits
$ 1750
  • 10 Social Media Posts (2 blog)
  • Guaranteed + 250 followers
  • $1000 Adword Spend
  • Website Audit
  • 5 hours of strategy consulting
  • 5 hours of website optimization


+ 500 followers / 1000+ website visits
$ 3500
  • Starter Included
  • $1000 Youtube/IG/FB/LinkedIn
  • Review Builder
  • 25 photos / graphics
  • Local Listings
  • Email Campaigns


+ 1000 followers / 2500+ website visits
$ 6000+
  • Starter + Growth Included
  • Professional Videography
  • Additional Ad Spend
  • Full Website Overhall
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Lead Gen (landing pgs, ebooks)

Frequently Asked Questions

Take out the guess work and insure your success

Platform selection is unique for each client. We analyze your business ethos and target market to determine the best choices. We take careful metrics at every stage of your advertising campaigns to monitor and improve performance. 

Each of our packages comes with a follower increase guarantee. That means new followers on your social media accounts and increased follower activity. We also guarantee website visits. That means exposure for your company and opportunities for conversions on your campaigns.

Yes we do. Each package above includes content creation for your advertising campaigns, social media posts and for your blog posts as well.

Campaign length depends on your package and budget. Campaigns last at least 1 month and can go as long as 6 months. We establish targets based on your campaign length.

We love sharing our work and are happy to provide additional portfolio work for perspective clients. As our portfolio is ever evolving, we don’t include every project we work on here in our digital portfolio, so head over to the contact page or give us a call.

It’s rare, but sometimes mistakes happen. We will be the first to admit wrongdoing, and work with you on the edits to deliver a final product you are happy with. Our goal is that every client feel they received a valuable service and product at a fair price.

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