Recording Live . is our specialty

We Love the engergy too

Few projects get us as excited as live events and nightlife production. The content that we can create the day of a live event is something we never take for granted. We know just how special these days are for you, your crowd, and your loved ones. If we happen to have adequate resources and accessibility, we know you will love the what we create for you! And if you are a DJ, just know we are as big of a fan of CERCLE as you are, and we look forward to creating something similiar with you!

Full Event Coverage

Multiple professional videographers and photographers with their full attention dedicated to your most special moments.


Epic drone shots and cinematic gimbal; movements utilized to make your event standout.

Live Stream 4K

We can record and stream your live event for viewers around the world and record the event in 4K.

Netflix Quality 6K/12K

With state of the art equipment and Netflix standard recording protocols your event will look like a movie.

Picking the right team is exhausting simple