Opinion Hated Media Projects

2019 has been one for the record books for OHMedia! So far we have worked with Lance Woods, Tony Roberts, Tyler Perry, The Sacramento Kings, and Urijah Faber / Ultimate Fitness. AND WE ARE JUST 7 months in to the year! I hope we can end on as strong of a note as we started! If you know anyone that is in the market for professional video content and and a creative agency to help propell there ideas please send them our way. We give any referrals 2 months of hosting / or 10% off of any package or service. And we do this FOR BOTH the referee and the referer. That is a huge discount for each person involved, and most imporantly, an even BIGGER first step in the right direction for you vision.

Passion leads to design,
design leads to performance,
performance leads to success!

We look to end the year with:

  • Twitch channel with sponsored content
  • Full Season of Ordered Shows from Tyler Perry’s Production Company
  • Full Season of Ordered Shows from The Sacramento Kings
  • Two Live Comedy Specials recorded and mastered by OHMedia/OHM Solutions
  • Free Thematic update for all website customers that have been clients for over 2 years (A perk of on going hosting through OHM Solutions)
  • Fully Upgraded Videography Standard – From 4k – 6k+HDR anamorphic!!!