Photography Services

Picnic Productions offers a wide range of photography services for all types of events: weddings, birthday parties, reunions, real estate listings and professional headshots. Our team strives to provide the very best service at a price our clients can afford.

Photography Green Screen With Lighting

Below we highlight some things that go into a successful photography shoot.

Most photographers and companies that work in this field focus on delivering ONLY what is listed and specified by the client. Where PICNIC separates itself from the competition is that we rarely find that the client is an actual photographer or has experience in this field. This tends to mean they don’t have a fully articulated grasp of what is needed or the best methods to achieve the desired results. That’s where we come in. Picnic removes the guesswork and brings a layer of comfort and quality while removing any possible variables that could disrupt the goals of your project.

Panasonic S1R and Panasonic S1H Cameras on Desk

All of our photo shoots encompass pre-production and research, through consultations with the client and our in-house team. We will then bring a series of shot ideas and content lists of what we intend to focus on. This is specifically important for live events, weddings, product launches, and grand openings. 

All of our equipment is NETFLIX standard and we use the highest-end cameras and top-of-the-line cinema lenses. YES, even for photography. Any photo we produce is taken with a studied eye for detail and incredible equipment that will ensure your photos are repurposable well beyond their original intent. Our goal is to always provide content that keeps returning value to you for years to come. If you find yourself needing photography for billboards, print-outs or large posters our equipment and the 50-megapixel S1R Panasonic cameras are more than capable of delivering medium-format quality photos.

Photography Headshots in Front of Green Screen

At Picnic we’re transparent about our pricing and what’s included. We are focused on giving you the best value for your budget while establishing a foundation for your continued success. We offer a wide array of services and packages beyond what is listed below, but this will help give you a good starting point of what we can do together.

In Studio

1 Camera / 15 Mastered Photos
$ 550
  • 2 Hr Session
  • 100-150 Photos
  • Negatives Provided


1 Location / 20 Mastered Photos
$ 850
  • 2-4 Hr Session
  • 100-200 Photos
  • Negatives Provided

Live Event

35 Mastered Photos
$ 1000+
  • 4-8 Hr Session
  • 200+ Photos
  • Negatives + Social Media Templates

Frequently Asked Questions

Take out the guess work and insure your success

For photography we primarily rely on Panasonic S1R medium format style cameras. With 48 megapixels of raw data in each photo from a full frame sensor we are afforded incredible lateral movement for editing the final product to a place that separates you from your competiton.

We will include a specified number of photos in MASTERED format which encapsulates editing in both lightroom and photoshop, as well as a secret-sauce blend of AI enhancements. Each project, and the time alotted will differ. But we guarantee your satisfaction with the final product.

You own each and every photo taken that day from our photographers. Sometimes we capture peripheral content for our social media or portfolio, and that will not be included. It can however be shared or reused as you see fit.

We will include a google drive link that will host each and every photo taken for the project. This will include mastered shots, as well as their respective raw+jpeg alternatives. You are free to use and keep all of them!

We love sharing our work and are happy to provide additional portfolio work for perspective clients. As our portfolio is ever evolving, we don’t include every project we work on here in our digital portfolio, so head over to the contact page or give us a call.

It’s rare, but sometimes mistakes happen. We will be the first to admit wrongdoing, and work with you on the edits to deliver a final product you are happy with. If it’s a live event, and something was missed, that is a different situation, and we will address your concerns and rectify the matter directly.

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