Adam Ray Live from the Punch Line San Francisco

The most challenging and fulfilling cinematic venture we have ever embarked on. Filmed at the end of 2021 in SF during a pandemic and for a sold-out crowd, across a total of 4 nights, we put together the most engaging comedy special we could. Lots of unforgettable moments and live bits of comedy unseen in any comedy special before.

We filmed this with a team of 5 and used a myriad of technologies and advancements, both new to comedy and our team. Filmed on an Ursa Mini Pro 12k IMAX standard camera, and with a series of cinematic glass lenses that really gave this a unique feel. We had audio rigged through the in-house system and used a 24 bit recorder. Along with a couple of Panasonic S-Series cinema cameras both handheld and on gimbals, we were able to ensure that all moments of the special were captured in NETFLIX standard quality.

Although the night we went with was a magical one, we ended up cutting a majority of special, as the jokes themselves have grown since in a way that was worth preserving for a full event at the end of the year.

We also included some behind the scenes photos and a myriad of intros and social media promos created specifically for this event.

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