Blake “The Beast” McKernan

One of the fiercest and most talented competitors to step in a professional boxing ring. With a backstory and service record that will leave you in awe of what he has accomplished, Blake “The Beast” McKernan is just getting started. And now after a full physical recovery from soldier surgery, Blake is primed to retake his his place as a premiere force in the boxing world.

To begin our work together we did a full photo shoot in studio with the green screen, and we primed his return for any print media or billboards that will be coming. With a custom fit suit from Style by Katie and J Hilburn, we focused on the sleeker side of this boxers persona. Creating a video montage of his presence at a private launch party for VIP clients of Katie Cantrill.

Blake is a great personality and is filled with more laughter and jokes then one might expect from someone with his background as a boxer. He was a pure joy to work with and we look forward to many more projects to come.

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