Cascade Power

A local solar company with deep roots and a long history in Sacramento and Northern California. We had a great time working on this project and were more than happy to be working with such a fun emerging technology and company.

The goal of this video was to encapsulate a 2-year recap of what it’s been like to deal with Cascade Power and be a solar customer. There have been major improvements in solar power and the efficiency of the technology, this was a story revolving around that. In specific to Joanne and what it’s been like to be a person on a fixed income receiving daily benefits from this technology. At this point two years later shes now had almost an entirely free electricity bill, even generating income and buybacks from smud on certain low-usage months.

We filmed this during the end of last year, and there were still several mask mandates and parameters to keep in mind regarding the age and health concerns of the subject. As such, we scaled the team down to 1 person, and did this whole project in 1 day. This also made this a cost effective solution that solved a series of issues for all parties. We were proud to be a part of this and the final product is currently on circulation as a regional ad, inside storefronts with the QR code version, and on social media as a 3rd version of this repurposed footage.

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