Frosty’s Enchanted Forest @ The Roseville Galleria

It doesn’t get more festive or fun than this. A real treat of a project and something of a rarity on the West Coast. On the East Coast and in New York / New Jersey specifically, these Winterland expos are commonplace. Due to the scarce nature of space and land, this is one of the few ways the whole family can partake in the winter festivities without being able to store and display all of the fascets of the holiday experience.

This was how Josh Darling brought this treat to life and made an unforgettable experience possible in the heart of the Roseville Galleria.

The footage was captured on an S1H Panasonic Camera with a DJI RS2 Camera Gimbal throughout the whole process. The one exception was when we had Skylar Darling and his wonderful FPV drone present for this project. He was able to secure a safe time to fly uninterrupted at the Roseville Galleria and deliver some truly wonderful intro and outro footage to for this video. Skylar and Josh, as well as the whole Darling family, are absolute gems!

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