Harmony Grove

One of Oklahoma’s first and foremost Cannabis Cultivators, with an attention to detail that rivals the biggest cannabis brands, and a pension for quality only found in California, this is a transplant brand from a large cannabis family. Straight from Northern California to the heart of Oklahoma, the branding process was a fun and fulfilling experience, and it culminated in our time touring, sampling, and databasing their products and the bulk of their upcoming offerings for future social media posts and a direct-to-consumer online ordering platform.

We normally opt for photography and videography on any project that enails travel out of state, but we instead focused on soaking up some of their ideas and needs and preparing to return at a later date as more products became available. Schedule for an update this year, we look for a q4 update and video/photography overview.

h.grove is currently listed as a coming soon website, and that will also be updated in due time!

The current set of delvierables are a series of logo offerings and a metal business card to help separate them from their competition.