Mike Zohrab Real Estate

It was a pleasure to partner with Mike on expanding his digital reach and presence. Our project began with a new website, drone photography, videography, and new photos/headshots with a blog in the works.

The goal of which was to deliver an enhanced digital presence to go hand in hand with what Lyon Realty provides. As an agent for over 40 years, Mike is always busy and handles all kinds of residential, commercial, and development based realty. We knew going into this project, per the clients instructions, that we wouldn’t rely too much on social media, as it wasn’t a goal of his.

Mike mainly wanted to focus on highlighting the properties and partners he works with. Not himself or his process. As social media for most companies/projects/ideas is crucial, we realized it wasn’t as important for him and his current workflow. So we focused on the aspects of his business that would bring him the biggest returns. And it worked brilliantly. Mike succeeded and thrived through the pandemic, becoming Lyon Realtys #1 Realtor several times earning numerous awards.

Website: mikezohrab.com