Pillars of the Community

With the help of IOBY and a generous fund of donors and contributions we are able to crowdfund this idea of ours. The tentative launch date is set for the first part of 2023. The idea behind it is simple, support and sustain the small businesses that are the backbone of our local economy. Do this by introducing new and cost-effective methods for digital overhaul.

With a singular purpose, and a small team of overtly capable creators and advisors, we have curated a package of services that should help these businesses weather the storm. The singular goal being to improve the digital footprint of each business, streamline their marketing and social media presence, and generate content for a full year. All of this will come at no cost to the client, with a $1500 purchase from the funds we generate, delivering $5500 in services.

We hope to have completed this initiative and raised all the funds by the end of the year (2022) so that we can launch the program to start 2023.