Power Pros

A foremost in Hydro Electric Engineering, mechanical engineering, sub-station service and monitoring, and as a newly introduced service; battery-backup trailers. As such our time with this highly touted engineering firm has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

We advised and consulted on a series of rebranding and digital overhauls for all facets of the company. We did a ground up HTML website build, so that they could self-host and manage with a wordpress boxframe that their staff was familiar with. Because they added a hiring section to the website, and wanted to include blog updates for social media, and keep all of that work in-house, we wanted to insure them they could easily manage it on their own.

Although our attempts at logo rebranding didn’t override their current logo and design, we are still proud of the efforts that went into the process. Ultimately, their current logo had too much industry weight to overcome, and the decals on all vehicles and trailers made them keep the design they already had.

As for the video production, this was a beast of another kind. We did a corproate video, interviewing and discussing the most important aspects of the work they do and the projects they manage. We included all 5 partners in the process, and interviewed each of them individually. The goal of the video was achieved and we were all happy with the final results.

One of the largest aspects of this project were the service videos to introduce new aspects and offerings of the companies. Some of these videos took place on federally protected sites and locations the public does not have access too. With help of their drone pilot and an fpv specialist, we created a series of videos introducing these new offerings to a series of perspective clients and their respected peers.

Lastly, as most companies of this size and scale, new headshots and office shots were a requisite of the package, and they turned out fantastic. Giving each partner an approachable and dilligent photo to further illustrate their importance of the company.

Website: powerpros.net