Sandra Bullock & Adam Ray About Last Night Podcast 626

It doesn’t get much greater then being a part of a show with Oscar winning Sandra Bullock and the great Adam Ray. We produced and recorded this highly anticipated second episode between what is two of the best people you could imagine. Recorded live at our studio in downtown Sacramento, on a weekend where Adam was headlining at the Punch Line Sacramento. This is one for the record books, and certainly one of the most anticipated returns to About Last Night Podcast.

A true professional highlight for our company and an honor to be a part of such a monumental occasion. Sandra has only ever done two episodes of podcasts, and both are with Adam and one of them was live in our studio. You can imagine just how excited, nervous, and elated we were to be a part of this. We used AVIO 4k video tools and a Panasonic s1h camera, with a set of backup microphones as well as a studio Rode mic and zoom boom mic for backup. Truly wanted to be prepared for both the stream and anything that might arise should we find ourselves running into zoom based issues.

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