The May Building

One of the oldest and most historic landmark buildings in Sacramento, with a lineage as impressive as it’s location. In the heart of the K Street corridor, the newly renovated May Building exists as a luxury residential offering for a select few tenants. Each inch of this building has been fully renovated to meet today’s highest standards of luxury living, whilst still maintaining the aesthetics and historic charm of the original building.

We took photos of the units and some extra livestyle pictures to go along with a social media campaign and website update. These were highly sought after units, and the building has been fully rented out since the initial social media campaign and launch of the building. Just to be clear, this building and the incredible work that went into it is the reason for its success in being rented. It’s an equisite and totally unique living situation, and nothing, not even the newest offerings at much newer buildings, can compare to the living experience at The May Building.

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