Years of . Captured by Picnic

Rely on Professionals

With a dedicated team that has over 30 years of combined experience you can rest easy knowing your most magical moments are being captured. We focus on the details and intimate moments ensuring those who view your event feel like they were there. Utilizing a team with some of California’s best photographers and videographers. We never miss a moment, and will turn the event you spent years planning, into a unique cinematic experience unlike anything you have seen before.

Full Event Coverage

Multiple professional videographers and photographers with their full attention dedicated to your most special moments.


Epic drone shots and cinematic gimble movements utilized to make your event standout.

Live Stream 4K

We can record and stream your live event for viewers around the world and record the event in 4K.

Netflix Quality 6K/12K

With state of the art equipment and Netflix standard recording protocols your event will look like a movie.

Picking the right team is exhausting simple