Short . Stories

Short Films give you a shot

We love short films because they give us a chance to flex our cinematic chops and tell stories without the baggage of full-size productions. We love the ideas that are brought to us and what comes from the conversations that build these stories. No idea is too big, and with the right team, no story is too hard to tell. We hope to be that team for you.

Any time

No matter the location, setting, or geographical need, we can be there and insure that a proper bts story is told.


Epic drone shots and cinematic gimbal movements utilized to make your event standout.

Contest Submission

We can help guide your project from idea to competition submission. The hope being that we have mulitple contents lined up with our completion of the project.

Netflix Quality 6K/12K

With state of the art equipment and Netflix standard recording protocols your event will look like a movie.

Picking the right team is exhausting simple