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Transfer AWS Route 53 Domain to Google Domains

October 22, 2020
Posted in DNS
October 22, 2020 Nico Lauria

In this post we will cover how to transfer an AWS Route 53 Domain to Google Domains.

The first step is to navigate to:


Click on ‘Registered Domains’ in the left sidebar and select the domain you are transferring:


AWS Route 53 Registered Domains


You need to disable the transfer lock. You will receive an email once the transfer lock has been disabled.


AWS Route 53 Transfer Lock


Next you need to get the auth code:


AWS Route 53 Auth Code


You should see a box similar to the following. Copy the code to your clipboard:


AWS Route 53 Auth Code Box


Navigate to Google Domains and click the ‘Transfer’ tab on the left. Enter the name of the domain:


Google Domains Transfer Tab


Next enter the authorization code you got from AWS Route 53:


Google Domains Transfer Enter Auth Code


You will then be taken to a screen for selecting your name server options. I recommend transferring them to Google Domains so all of your DNS can be managed in one location:


Google Domains Transfer - Transfer Name Servers

Next you will confirm your checkout. You will be charged for the renewal of the domain. The 1 year period will be added onto the current expiration of the domain:


Google Domains Transfer Proceed to Checkout

Review your purchase on the next screen and click ‘Buy’.

You will notice on your Google ‘My Domains’ tab that the domain transfer is now pending:


Google Domains Transfer Pending Domain Transfer


You will an email from AWS to confirm the transfer:


Google Domains Transfer AWS Route 53 Confirmation Email


Clicking the confirmation link will take you to the following screen:


Google Domains Transfer AWS Route 53 Email Link Confirmation


Click the ‘Submit’ button to complete the transfer. You will receive one additional email shortly after confirming the transfer.


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