Videography Services

Picnic Productions offers a wide range of videography services for websites, social-media posts and marketing. Our team strives to provide the very best service at a price our clients can afford.

Two Cameras Filming

Below we highlight some things that go into a successful video project.

Equipment is only part of the battle. To ensure we are ready for whatever size the production is, we bring Netflix standard 6k and 12k cinema gear to each and every project we take on. Geared up with every necessary lighting tool, tripod, gimbal, stabilization vest, drone, and a bevy of mobile solutions, we make sure the equipment is the last thing on your mind the day of shooting. Our motto is: when everything is in place, you are free to truly create something worth remembering.

Man Filming with Colorful Silhouette

In the past 12 years of doing content creation and marketing work, we have noticed one constant trend. And it’s what separates the people who admire from those that are admirable. Simply put, you get what you pay for. If your idea is to get the absolute minimum to fit a specific goal/benchmark/budget, all of which were randomly created without much thought, PICNIC is not the studio for you. We recommend freelance videographers and friends/family with a camera.

IF however, you find yourself wanting a professional approach to content, with a burning desire to separate yourself from the competition, we can help you achieve what was previously thought to be unachievable. We can consult, create storyboards and timelines, and deliver a production day that will supersede even your wildest of expectations. With a final product that will simply leave you in awe of what is capable and excited for the potential of what’s to come.

Three Cameras on Table

At Picnic we’re transparent about our pricing and what’s included. We are focused on giving you the best value for your budget while establishing a foundation for your continued success. We offer a wide array of services and packages beyond what is listed below, but this will help give you a good starting point of what we can do together.

In Studio

60 Seconds of 6k Video
$ 1250+
  • Two 6k Cameras
  • Slider & Tripod
  • Color Graded & Audio Mastered
  • Widescreen & Social Media Version

On Location

60-120 seconds of 6k+12k
$ 3250+
  • 12k Camera + 6k Camera + Drone
  • Slider + Tripod + Gimbal
  • CG + AM + Additional footage
  • WD + SM + Posted on Picnic IG


Scripted content in 12k 5+minutes
$ 7500+
  • (2) 12k Cameras + FPV Drone
  • Gimbal + Slider + Vest
  • CG + AM + AF + Script & Storyboard
  • WD + SM + Picnic IG + Festival

Frequently Asked Questions

Take out the guess work and insure your success

We agree! That’s why we work SPECIFICALLY in your best interests of delivering an accurate and manageable budget and timeline for your project. If we listed random numbers and timelines, you would find yourself disappointed by potential costs and prohibitive scheduling. We would rather have a conversation and deliver a meaningful estimate that is something you can count on.

By filming at cinema standard bit rates and with Netflix-approved cameras and gear, we add an additional layer of value to your project. Meaning, that if you found the success you seek with your project, and the stars were to align, no reshooting or technical lapses will prevent your content from being seen by the world. This bypasses that allows this footage to be repurposed on a plethora of platforms.

We believe in putting in the work and creating value way past any specific project we work on. With content that can be reused in a plethora of ways, and ideas gained through brainstorming and consultations, the value will far surpass the cost. And at the end of the day, we would rather not do a project, than deliver a final product we are not proud of. At the end of the day, the right fit and an appreciation for the work it takes is an essential part of finding success in video production.

All of the videos, photos, and bts shots will be included with our production and the final deliverables. If we document or record something from a personal phone for additional bts or social media, that is also yours to repost or share. A google drive link will be delivered encompassing the total of what was recorded. In specific instances of long-form recording, we will budget the cost of an external hard drive and have that used as a backup, and then delivered upon completion of the project.

Sometimes you have a project in mind that might not have been listed in our portfolio. We are constantly evolving and upgrading, as well as adding to our portfolio, both here and on IG ( If we don’t have something listed that you had in mind, simply reach out, chances are we were a part of a project that has overlap with your ideas, and it might just not have made it to the site for contractual reasons. If you can dream it, we can deliver it!

We value your time as much as anyone. We expect the same in return. Our first conversation is free of any entanglements or fees, as we assess your needs and requirements, within the scope of that conversation. Any further brainstorming or time spent on your idea/project after that will be subject to consultation fees unless incorporated with the production package you sign up for. If you just want suggestions and ideas, we can help with that as well. 

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